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Esthetic Ants The Tower Ytong Nest
Ant Keeping Starterset

Keeping ants as pets is not hard! With the Esthetic Ants starter set you will have everything you need to get started. Keeping ants at home can look very overwhelming when you first start but with this set you will become a pro ant keeper in no-time! 

Everyone can be an ant keeper!

High Quality Ant Nests!


Shop with guaranteed security and stability. Your order is our top priority and we will make sure you get what you deserve. Our ants come with insurance and our products all have a warranty that will cover all your needs. Nice and simple that is how we like it here at Esthetic Ants!


Our products are made with keeping nature in mind. Our 3D-Printers run on renewable solar energy. Our packaging uses recyclable products and materials. We contribute to a wide variety of charities.


We LOVE ants! Everything Esthetic Ants does we do because we love this hobby. The ants are our top priority and we will make sure they enjoy our products as much as you do. With experience since 2016 we hope to get you as excited as we are!

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Endless information

Esthetic Ants is committed to more than just offering exceptional ant-keeping products and top-quality ants. We aim to be your go-to resource for comprehensive information about these fascinating creatures.

Explore our extensive product guides, ant care tutorials, and stay updated with the latest news and insights from the ant-keeping hobby. At Esthetic Ants, we're not just about products; we're about empowering enthusiasts with knowledge and fostering a thriving ant-keeping community!

Discover the variety of Esthetic Ants

Visit Esthetic Ants if you are looking for a diversity of ants. With a range
varying in size, color and behavior, there is always something new to discover. In our Esthetic Ants shop you will find all the information per available ant species.


Also feel free to take a look at our Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest developments. Discover Esthetic Ants, the leading ant store offering premium ants and accessories worldwide.

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