Manica rubida is an highly agressive species. 

Manica rubida

  • Manica rubida is a species of medium size native to most of central and Southern European countries and only appear at hights of 900-2000 meter high!

    Queens range from 10-13mm while workers stay at 6-9mm.They are a semi claustral species (meaning the queen hunts in the founding stage as she doesn’t have food storages to raise her nanitics ).They are very aggressive and active hunters both Alive and dead .They possess a powerful sting so not suitable for people with allergies towards ant stings Colonies reach a few thousand workers once mature but grow relatively slow. They nest under rocks in the wild but will near in Acrylic nests, 3D printed nests and any other nest that allows relievely high humidity nest They mostly eat mealworms,crickets, cockroaches, fruit flies and protein jelly and so on, for sugers they take honey,sugar water, etc