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We purchase ants!

Welcome to Esthetic Ants, where we continually seek reputable suppliers capable of providing us with high-quality ants. Recognizing the logistical challenges of personally traversing the globe to collect these captivating insects, we rely on the support of local enthusiasts like yourself to contribute to our collection.

If you've successfully captured an abundance of queens and are interested in selling your ants to Esthetic Ants, we invite you to proceed by entering your information into the contact form. Please utilize the following format for clarity:

Species: Lasius niger

  • Type: Queen with brood

  • Quantity: 100

  • Price: €1 euro

Species: Lasius flavus

  • Type: Queen with 1-5 workers

  • Quantity: 100

  • Price: €1 euro

And so forth.

Upon receiving your submission, our team will thoroughly review your offer and promptly respond to express our interest. It's important to note that, in line with our purchasing process, payment is made only after the successful delivery. We conduct a thorough assessment of the health of the queens and colonies, considering potential losses. Payment is exclusively for ants that arrive alive and in good condition; exceptions to these guidelines are not made.

If you are eager to sell some of your ants, please enter your information, and we look forward to the possibility of collaboration!

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