Frequently asked questions

Esthetic Ants Store

How long will it take before my order arrives?

Depending on where you live orders will be packaged within a week. Sometimes on large orders the lead time will take a little bit longer. If you are waiting for more then two weeks please contact us and we will take a look at your order.

I broke the tubes on my mini outworld, what now?

If you broke the tubes on your mini outworld you used to much force. The test tubes should fit snugly but you don't have to push them all the way down. You can order new test tubes from our site.

My ants arrived dead, what can I do?

If your ants arrived dead within the live arrival guarantee period (February - November) you have the right to claim your money back or reseve new ants. Send a picture with your order number and proof of the dead ants to or contact us via the forum on our website. Please note that sometimes the ants look dead but aren't. When a queen is dead she will crawl up her legs and lay on her back.

General Ant Questions

What do I feed my ants?

Ants need two things: sugars and carbohydrates. The sugars you will see often in form of sugarwater sold by many ant stores. You can make your own sugarwater from mixing sugar and water together. Next up is insects. In order to lay eggs and for larvae to pupate ants need protein. You can buy feeder insects from your local petshop or catch some insects outside. Always pre-kill your insects and freeze or boil them to avoid mites contaminating your ants.

When should I move my ant colony out of their test tube?

You should move your ants out of their test tube when they have no room to expand or it becomes impossible to feed them. If you struggle to feed your ants inside a test tube you can attach them to a mini outworld or put the whole test tube inside an outworld. This is called a tubs and tubes setup.

What type of nest should I use?