Lasius Niger is a beautiful easy to keep species from Europe.

Lasius niger

  • Lasius Niger is the most common ant species in Europe. They are everywhere and like to nest in urban places and cities. Nests may occur in walls, pavements, tree stumps in open woodland, pasture and open heath.

    Lasius Niger is monogyne meaning their can only be one egg laying queen in the colony. Colonies can grow up to 10,000 workers! 

    These ants have nuptial flights from July until September. A nuptial flight is a fenonamon where new ant queens (alates) fly out of the nest to meet and breed with ants from other colonies.

    Workers get around 3 to 6 mm long and the queen is around 8 to 9 mm long. This species is medium size for an European species.

    Source: AntWiki