Myrmica rubra is the fire ant from Europe!

Myrmica rubra

  • Myrmica rubra is a European species also known as the fire ants. They pack a serious sting and are agressive ants. 

    Myrmica rubra likes to nest under rocks and wet rotten wood. They can also nest in soil. 

    These ants are polygenus which means their can be multiple queens inside a nest. Not all queens have an egg laying function and will 'work' as normal workers inside the nest. This means Myrmica colonies can grow big but usually won't grow bigger then around 10.000 workers. 

    At the founding stage Myrmica rubra is semi-clausteral meaning they go out and forage for food before the first workers arrived. These ants are agressive and are quite large. Queens are between 7-12 mm and workers are 5-8mm. 

    These ants have a diapause when the temperature drops outside. Usually from November until March.