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Did you catch too many queens?

If you have caught an excess number of queens during the nuptial flights, we have the perfect solution for you. Send them to Esthetic Ants! At Esthetic Ants, our mission is to give away as many free ants as possible. We achieve this by utilizing ants we have caught ourselves or received as gifts. Therefore, if you find yourself overwhelmed with an abundance of ants and would like to share them with others, we can help facilitate that process.

But wait, there's more! We understand that your efforts deserve recognition, so we want to offer something in return.


Allow us to guide you through the rules of the game:

1. Queen Submission: When sending us queens, please ensure they are healthy and properly packaged to guarantee their safety during transit. We appreciate your efforts to provide us with quality ants.

2. Rewards Program: In appreciation for your contribution, we have a rewards program in place. Check the infographic at this page. The more queens you share, the greater your rewards!

3. Game Rules: To participate in our rewards program, please adhere to the following guidelines:
   a. Only send us queens that belong to non-invasive ant species.
   b. Provide accurate information about the ant species you caught.
   c. Ensure the queens are legally obtained and comply with local regulations.
   d. Respect the well-being of the ants throughout the entire process.
   e. You will need to pay the shipping costs of sending the ants to us. We will pay the shipping costs of sending you the rewards back. 
   f. You will need to send a minimal of 25 queens and a maximum of 50 queens. 

By following these rules, you not only contribute to the ant-loving community but also receive rewards for your efforts. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world of ants!

Ready to embark on this rewarding journey? Contact us today via to learn more about how you can contribute and benefit from our program. Let's make a difference in the ant world together!

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