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About us

Create to inspire that's our motto. We love to create stuff be it content be it ants be it ant nests! We love to devote all our energy and passion into this hobby. 

Our goal

Our goal is to make ant keeping simple and easy to get into. With good products and good prices we hope to physically supply you with the items you need.

With the help of EA we hope to stimulate you in keeping ants by watching his videos and being in touch with him.


Meet the team

Hi my name is Marijn you might also know me as EA or Esthetic Ants. I'm the founder and CEO of Esthetic Ants. Right now I do pretty much everything from talking with you to packaging the orders.

My strengths are creativity and being quirky.

My weaknesses are a lack of discipline and I'm easily satisfied. 

Stuff we are proud of

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