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Ender Ants Livefeeding?! #wedontapprove??

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Ender Ants. Thought to be a respected member of the ant keeping community. Then he uploads those two videos. Look familiar? You may have seen the same sort of content posted by LightsCameraAnts. In this video, posted by LightsCameraAnts, he feeds a live spider to his ants. This video received 1.5 million views in two weeks.

All these videos go against the #wedontapprove movement, started by Esthetic Ants. The #wedontapprove movement is against live feeding, amongst other things. The reason for this is because not only is it cruel to the poor creature being fed alive to masses of hungry ants but it is also cruel to the ants. The ants have to involuntarily take on a much bigger insect than them to protect the colony. Furthermore, ants can be killed by this poor creature trying to defend itself. It also 'inspired' viewers to do the same which is in all cases a bad thing. All this is very entertaining to viewers, and the videos of this happening often go viral. These viral videos inspire the creator to make more and more of these videos. Why would people make these low quality, unworthy videos? The reason is simple. Minimal effort and maximal reward. People that make live feeding videos don't care about the ants nor the ant keeping community. This has proven time and time again. They rather make boring and bad videos to gain a couple of views rather them making something that contributes to the ant keeping community.

It would seem that Ender Ants, a creator who people respected, has taken inspiration from LightsCameraAnts, and has decided to try it for himself. Now, this hasn't worked out so well for him so far, receiving less then 500 views, a fraction of what LightsCameraAnts gets. We can only advise Ender Ants to continue making videos like he used to. Those videos were awesome and inspired a ton of ant keepers. It would be a shame should he drag his great and valuable name through the mud.

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