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Colors will be gone soon!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

After careful consideration we decided to completely remove all colors from the nests, accessories and outworlds by April 1st.

Since the start Esthetic Ants produced its products in five different colors. White, Pink, Silver, Grey and Blue have been a part of the store for around one year. A couple months ago the color Marble also made its introduction. Since the beginning more and more items have been added to the store. Most of them in different colors.

So why are the colors being removed? The problem of the colors is the amount of product variations. The small mesh nest can be bought in 6 colors. There are three mesh nests meaning 18 different variations, 18 different nests to be printed (don't forget all the lids) and to be stored. For now this has not been a problem but combining all other products together you can now chose from over 50 different color variations. With increasing demand this sadly becomes impossible not only to manufacture but also to store. That's why we decided to go back to white and stick with that for a while.

Will colors ever come back to the store? YES! Of course. But probably not how it looks right now. Each nest will get its signature color. For the outworlds it's transparent. For the nests white. For the acrylic nests it's black & white and the vertical nests are a more darker themed nest. The mesh nests will get an upgrade late in the summer where some color will return in the nest. We are pretty sure you are going to love it.

A lot of room for more products! By taking away the pain of producing products in different colors we get more time to focus on other products. For example the acrylic range that is going to be launching soon. There is no point in releasing a nest we can't keep in stock so that's why we made the radical choice to remove the colors to make way for new innovations and new products.

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