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Ant shorts are the worst...

Ant shorts are the worst thing that every happened to the ant keeping community. Why? Well the reason is plain and simple. TikTok arrived and YouTube needed an answer. Shorts were developed and now every person with a phone is spamming videos on YouTube.

In essence this is not a problem. TikToks are great, funny and something very good. But this is YouTube. There is not place for vertical videos. The success of some people uploading shorts maybe inspired ant YouTubers. They think shorts are gonna gain them viewers, traction or even money. Shorts are destroying the ant keeping community with unentertaining, low-quality and pointless video content. They don't contribute anything to the hobby and definitely live feeding videos are just the worst of the worst. Shorts are also way easier to make a good well made YouTube video can take up to 10-15 hours to make. A short is 2 minutes work.

A lot of ant channels fall into the trap of making these shorts Camera lights ants, Ender Ants, Ants Vienna, Aunty Ants, Big Ross, Ant Scapes, KB Ants, Bruma Ants, Ant Msia, The Ant-Tarium, Vivendo Con Hormigas, Royal ants only to name a few we could find real quick.

Esthetic Ants always has been very vocal about these ant shorts and swore to never post a short himself. If EA wants to see short videos he will just watch it on TikTok. But would he not grow much faster and get more subscribers? Probably yes, but is that the point? No, YouTube videos should always be about quality not quantity. You want to show something, let people learn something. Not show a total out of focus shaky video of the ants feeding on something that is totally uninteresting. Esthetic Ants unsubscribed to all channels uploading shorts. And we can recommend you to do it as well. The chance that shorts will teach or learn you anything is practice zero. Stop wasting your time and stop watching shorts (most of these shorts are re-uploaded TikToks anyway).

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