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Ant Holleufer got a Harpegnathos venator colony!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

That's right. The legendary Ant Holleufer got his first Harpegnathos venator colony. Coincidentally, Esthetic Ants supplied him with this colony. Harpegnathos venator is a highly sought after species from South Asia. They have extremely good eyesight and very large jaws. They can jump very high and show very interesting behavior.

That Holleufer really liked this colony was evident from the amount of videos he posted on his TikTok and Instagram. We love to see him have so much fun with this ant colony.

'They stare into my soul'

That's what Holleufer said about these ants, referring to the amazing eyesight these ants have. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection of the colony, it became clear that the queen had sadly passed away in transit. Very unhappy. Holleufer told us that he is looking for a single queen in an effort to merge the colonies to ensure their survival. Nevertheless, we can't wait for Ant Holleufer to point his fancy camera at these ants and take us some beautiful pictures. YouTubers need more epic strains to be documented with professional quality. For now, the colony is housed in a Wakooshi large cork and gypsum nest. A bold choice, as these ants normally thrive in a natural environment. But who knows, this nest is very suitable for Harpegnathos venator, time will tell.

We also send Holleufer another very special species he hasn't introduces very public yet. It's a really cool and interesting ant species so keep your eyes peeled for that in the future!

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