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Acrylic nests?

That's right. Acrylic nests are now in the making and will soon be launched on the website! How soon? Well... That depends. The nests are all done and designed as you can see. Esthetic Ants worked very hard on these nests and tried to make them as perfect as possible.

There are a few common problems with Acrylic nests. First one being that they are expensive. This is mostly true because acrylic is a much more expensive material then for example ytong or PLA (used in 3D-printing). It also needs to be cut with very expensive and specialized equipment making the whole process expensive. Despite that Esthetic Ants is trying to bring the nest price down and they will be very affordable for the average ant keeper. Next is hydration. Usually hydration in acrylic nests is pretty bad. Reason being is that the sponges don't hold water for a long time and are very shallow and small. Esthetic Ants thought of this when designing his acrylic nests and made a revolutionary design. By combining what he knows and following design principles the nests can hold their moisture for two weeks! This is really good and very beneficial to ants who need a higher humidity level. Now why would you want an acrylic nest. There are two reasons really. One is micro species. These nests are very escape proof to even the smallest species. Esthetic Ants is destined to set a goal and make this nest Themnothorax and Solenopsis fugax proof. This is a very high goal but one we'll manage easily. Second reason you might want an acrylic nest is for looks or you prefer this way of hydrating.

But when are they launching?! Yes, to come back to this point. The first batch of nests has now been made. Esthetic Ants is going to take pictures of the nest and send them out to friends in the community that are trusted to test these nests. Right now there is one already being tested. The small acrylic nest. Currently there is a Crematogaster scutellaris species housed inside this nest and they are doing very well.

Go check out the video to see the ants and the nest!

So it can take some time before this ranged is getting released we will update you along the way. Right now we are aiming to launch at April 4.

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