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This species needs its own name!

A beautiful species. With a really weird name. They are called Camponotus maculatus subnudus. Not to be confused with their African counterparts; Camponotus maculatus. This is pretty weird since both species come from a totally different continent but share the same name. Lets look into why this is and why these two species have the same name. (Sub)Nudus The meaning of nudus translates to unclothed, nude, naked according to Wiktionary. This refers to the naked pupae of this species. Sub then refers to under. So basically subnudus means that they are below Camponotus maculatus and have naked pupae. So why are they called Camponotus maculatus? Sadly there is hardly any information on this species. According to one source they were mistaken for Camponotus maculatus and were wrongly identified. That name stuck around and now they are just called Camponotus maculatus subnudus thanks to their naked pupae.

Is this a cool species?

HELL YES! This species is very interesting. The queens are quite large and have a funny triangular shaped head. The workers have long spider like legs and have beautiful colors.

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